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The Harm Caused by the Unclean Brush

Feb. 28, 2019

Before going out every day, the beautiful women use a makeup brush such as Double End Brush Collection to make a simple makeup and open a new day. I want to use a makeup brush such as Aluminum Makeup Brush because it helps us to apply makeup faster, better and more symmetrical. However, if the makeup brush tool does not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, it may cause harm.

I often hear people say that the makeup brush is very good, but I used it but it has acne? Maybe it is not the fault of cosmetics, but the fault of your makeup brush. If the makeup brush is not cleaned for a long time, not only will the phenomenon of floating powder appear, but also the cosmetics used will not develop color. At the same time, the bristles of the makeup brush may contain a lot of dust or bacteria and impurities in the air, and the fine hair will be hidden inside, so that it does not cause harm to the skin.

Aluminum Makeup Brush

So when you think that the brush of the makeup brush is a bit thick and the bristles are not soft enough, you should wash the brush. You don't necessarily need to buy a special cleaning tool. You can use your daily small tools to clean it up. The key is to develop good habits.

Brushes for animal hair can be cleaned with shampoo. Man-made fibers can be used with special makeup brush cleaners such as cleaning sprays, makeup brushes, and the like. Gently wipe and squeeze in the direction of the bristles, then rinse off with water.

Girls who want to become beautiful must first have the habit of loving cleanliness, and always keep the makeup brush tools clean and tidy, in order to have a set of good makeup tools, in order to have a beautiful face.

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