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How to Use the Eyebrow Brush?

Feb. 26, 2019

Before combing the eyebrows, comb the eyebrows. After the eyebrows by Eyebrow Comb Brush, the color will be more natural. After brushing the mascara, use this brush to brush the lashes into distinct roots and brush off the agglomerates.

How to modify the eyebrows?

In order to fill the eyebrows or extend the eyebrows of excessive plucking, you can use the eyebrow pencil alone or take the method of “painting with eyebrow pencil and then powdering”.

1. First use the eyebrow pencil with the color of your eyebrows to imitate the original eyebrows and draw a soft stroke. If you use eye shadow, choose the eye shadow that matches the color of the hair and eyebrows.

2. Use a hard, flat, angled eyebrow brush such the Wooden Handle Eyeliner Brush, and apply a small amount of eye shadow to wipe off the excess powder. Start from the inside of the eyebrows, gently apply eye shadow, and then gradually apply all the eyebrows. Apply a little eye shadow to the eyebrows to highlight the eyebrows.

3. Finally, apply a layer of transparent eyebrow gel to fix the makeup, and at the same time make the eyebrows that are not smooth.

Eyebrow Comb Brush

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