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Cosmetic Brush Life and Price Comparison

Dec. 19, 2018

The life of natural bristles is 2-3 years. Make-up pigmentation causes the Makeup Brush Set to be colored and difficult to wash thoroughly. Therefore it is recommended that you change it every few years. If you have been using them to apply waxy eyeliner products or lip gloss, please change them every six months.

The life of Synthetic Hair Makeup Brush is permanent. If you are careful to use and carefully clean and care for them, then these brushes will be able to accompany you to follow the popular makeup trends of each season.

Finally than the price. A synthetic fiber makeup brush averages about a dozen to several tens of dollars. The natural bristles made of natural animal hair are naturally not cheap. Depending on the size and raw materials, the price is also very different. There are even thousands of brushes on the market.

Makeup Brush Set

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