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Makeup is Influenced by the Use of Makeup Brushes

Mar. 04, 2019

For the makeup brush such as Pink Handle Makeup Brush many women have the right to speak, they know what kind of people suitable for what kind of makeup, look very professional, but some female friends are not very much attention to the makeup brush is to choose pay attention to, ignore the impact of the makeup brush on the makeup effect.

There are two main types of makeup brushes such as Pink Handle Makeup Brush: natural and artificial. Generally speaking, natural animal hair is soft, the Angle of rotation is large, suitable for large areas such as cheeks. Manual bristles are hard to the touch and have a long service life. They are easy to clean and suitable for small parts.

Distinguish between good and bad makeup brushes

1. Use your fingers to hold the bristles and gently comb down to see if the brush will shed.

2. Press the brush lightly on the back of your hand and draw a semi-circle to see if the wool is neatly cut.

3. Distinguish the true and false of the brush: with the hot wind blowing brush hair, keep the original state for animal hair, hair curl is artificial fiber.

Cleanliness of the makeup brush

Whether the makeup brush is clean is directly related to whether the color is uniform and whether the makeup powder is delicate. And not clean makeup brush is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, harm skin health.

Makeup Brush with Cap.png

The so-called "work to do its thing, must first sharpen its tools", makeup brush for women, but indispensable tool oh. If you're still using a small sponge in your makeup bag, painstakingly sketching the contours and painting in powder, you're one step short of the perfect makeup brush.

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