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The Function and Type of Foundation Brush

Dec. 27, 2018

Types of Powder Face Makeup Brush: Divided into various shades of foundation brushes.

The function of the Powder Foundation Brush: The main purpose is to use the foundation of the brush. Many professional makeup masters use the foundation brush to make the foundation. That is because the foundation of the foundation brush will be more transparent and brighter. The situation happened. For example, when you want to modify the foundation of a small place, you can use a smaller foundation brush to make a decoration.

Basic Face Brush Set

Many women have accepted the use of brushes to apply makeup, learn the right way, and use a foundation brush to make the makeup more perfect. When applying makeup with a foundation, remember to apply a lot of small "X" feelings on your face and swipe back and forth on the liquid foundation. This will avoid leaving a brush mark.

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