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Makeup brush manufacturer: What Are The Benefits of Using A Makeup Brush?

Jan. 04, 2019

Use makeup to brush on makeup, can reduce cosmetic to skin stimulation, especially when skin is rough and dry makeup is more difficult, or blain blain erupts when the skin becomes more fragile, reduce hand to contact skin frequently, can avoid to cause secondary harm. The makeup that often USES is brushed, resemble what eye to brush, labial brush everybody is familiar again did not pass, but those do not often use, but the effect is very big however makeup is brushed do you know?

Nose shadow Soft Makeup Brush: the shadow on the side of the nose should be brushed with a small brush, so choose a brush head the size of the pinky cap. Because nose shadow cannot be painted too thick, can appear unnatural, should choose the natural wool brush with rich administrative levels so, make makeup effect more natural.

Versatile Makeup Brush: choose brush, brush density is very important, density to be able to achieve a good makeup effect, brush head can not be as soft as highlight brush or blush brush. That is to say, the bristles should not have too much elasticity, should do a natural grasp of powder, makeup effect more natural. For a soft, flat brush head, to provide lip definition and uniform color, the bristles should be the length of the pinky cap.

Surplus paint: surplus paint is used to sweep away excess powder or caking places, so it needs to brush hair has a higher elasticity, and to be thinner. The elasticity of the bristles means that if you flick the bristles with your hand, they will curve down and bounce back. This will remove any excess powder.

Highlight is brushed: cheek is red brush should be brushed than highlight a few bigger, but two kinds of brushes are basic and same, should want according to want makeup effect and the skin quality of oneself will decide. If you want to sweep a round blush, you can use a round head brush, if you want to sweep obliquely on the apple muscle, you should use a diagonal brush.

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