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The Introduction Of Commonly Used Basic Face Brush Set

Mar. 25, 2019

Commonly Used Basic Face Brush Set :

Makeup lip brush

The brush head is flat, and the lip brush bristles are made of top yellow Wolf tail hair to more accurately outline the shape of the lips, making the color of the lips more full and even, creating a more three-dimensional outline.

Makeup and blush brushes

A good blush brush can make cheeks tender and natural, full and round natural high quality high foot white pointed pure wool hand brush head is the best choice for easy natural makeup. The blush brush feels soft and delicate. Dip the brush head in the right amount of blush powder, shake off the remaining powder and apply makeup. The three-dimensional face will be displayed instantly.

Makeup Foundation Brush

The foundation brush market is divided into three types of flat, flat, flat oblique foundation brush. Flat hair slightly pointed arc, the most common and the longest use, flat head foundation brush the best use in the eye and facial details. Flat head type hair is large and flat, high quality flat head powder brush polymerization hair is concave, is the most able to play thin effect. The flat and inclined wool head is made of dense material, and the wool quality, density and length all reach the extreme balance.

                                                  Makeup Foundation Brush

Cosmetic paint

Honey stucco is more natural and downy than powdery puff effect, can make stucco more even and docile, make makeup face color is more harmonious when make up. In the selection of honey stuccoing should pay attention to the selection of natural high-quality pure wool brush head, the wool volume is thick and plump for the best, pure manual wool honey stuccoing with excellent tactility and strong power to grasp powder, the shortest time to easily create delicate makeup.

Fine concealer brush for makeup

This brush is suitable for use on small areas of the skin for moisturizing, concealing and applying make-up. The brush head is fine and pointed, and the fine fine fiber wool imported from Korea is more flexible and elastic. The fine concealer brush is specially designed for handling details.

Makeup short hair Basic Eye Brush Set

Short hair eyeshadow brush is mainly used for the smudge of eye shadow, extremely strong smudge and shading power is specially designed for eye bottom makeup.

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