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Processing and application of bristle bristles

Aug. 13, 2019

Processing and application of bristle shared by Bristles Makeup brush Factory.

In social each industry, the application of industrial brush is very extensive, contains almost all industries, such as: glass, textile printing and dyeing, steel, automobile, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, printing, household appliances, furniture, doors and Windows, cigarettes, food, drinks, fruits, vegetables, sanitation and environmental protection products industry, such as cleaning, dust cleaning, polishing, sealing strip conveying, water absorption and high temperature;

China Bristles Makeup brush Factory says that the bristle is an important part of the industrial bristle brush, such as the special brush roller of the singeing machine in the textile industry, the opening roller of the splitting machine and so on are mostly applied to the bristle brush.

The quality standards for bristles, whether black or white, shall be classified as first-class provided that the following quality standards are fully met. 1. Quality standard for black bristle: pure black and glossy color; No yellow tip: thick hair root; The tip is not deep; Yuan a jealous; Don't wet; Without the skin. Impurities such as ash. 2. Quality standard of white bristle: no yellow and black; YouMao less; Same with other quality standards of black bristle.

Bristles Makeup brush Factory

Bristles Makeup brush Factory

Processing of bristle bristles:

1. From the raw materials processed into wool spread or mixed bristles according to the color of the pig hair classification, and remove the belly hair, tail hair, moldy hair and debris; The selected pig hair is fermented in water for 24 hours, then the skin is taken out and mashed to disperse the fur. Wash loose pig hair with water, and then use iron comb to comb down, dander and wash; Will dry the net hair drying into a wool shop, can be sold.

2. Wool shop made of semi-finished products such as China Eye Shadow Blending Brush will be wool shop with rope tied on the small board, steamed in the pot, make straight and increase the luster, remove fishy filthiness, to achieve disinfection and sterilization.

3. Make the finished product with the comb from the root to the tip in order to comb the grading placement, first long then short: with two palms gently rub, head and tail straighten; The bristles of all levels shall be properly matched after classification bundling according to regulations, and then combed evenly with a comb; After initial inspection and reinspection, root grinding is carried out. The convex hairs are cut off by using wood. Packing will be done upon inspection.

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