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Steps for using common makeup brush sets

Jul. 24, 2019

Steps for using common China Makeup Brush Set shared by Powder Face Makeup Brush Supplier.

The steps to apply makeup and how to use it are as follows:

Powdery bottom is brushed: general makeup look is to go up first bottom makeup, this powdery bottom is brushed is tongue-like makeup brush, brush in the face with the method with little times much amount.

Concealer brush: after the bottom of the face makeup is finished, you can use the concealer brush to take the concealer and apply it to the defect area, and then smudge it around the defect.

Blush brush: to prevent overloading your hands, it's best to apply it to the back of your hand to adjust the color and apply it slightly to your laughing muscles.

Nasal shadow brush: apply a shadow stick to both sides of the nose and sweep away with a nasal shadow brush.

Powder painting: lightly pat powder on each part of the face to set the makeup effect.

Complexion Perfection Brush Set

Large eyeshadow brush: apply to the entire eyelid to give the eyes a deep feeling.

Small eyeshadow brush: in eyeshadow, it's for small areas, colors that need to be highlighted. You don't need all the eyeshadow, just a little powder on the tip.

Inclined brow brush: if you're using eyebrow powder, you can use this for eyebrows but I use an eyebrow pencil and I use it for smudge eyeliner.

Spiral brush: you can brush mascara and brush the lower eyelashes to prevent the appearance of fly legs. You can also tone down your eyebrows after you've painted them.

Lip brush: this one is relatively simple and can be filled with lip shapes according to your own preferences.

What are the tools of commonly used cosmetic make-up brush tool types and function of makeup brush tool introduction to here, hope to help everyone, tianxiang professionally produced makeup brushes, makeup tools, supplies more than ten years, the recent company not sent a batch of new makeup brush, in case of need to travel to the official website of product center to see oh.

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