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The difference between cleansing brush and cleansing instrument

Aug. 29, 2019

The difference between cleansing brush and cleansing instrument

Today, we're going to take a look at a few inexpensive cleansers, including manual and electric cleansers.

The electric cleanser USES the ultrasonic wave principle, causes the silica gel contact or the bristle on the brush head to vibrate high frequency, can clean and massage the skin, achieves the deep cleaning effect which the hand wash cannot reach.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to using cleansing brushes. Here is China Kabuki Brush Supplier to introduce the differences of cleansing brushes in detail


Need to hit facial ministry wet above all, besmear on wash face milk (clean face milk), use water to hit wet clean face brush, make a circle slowly on the face when using, cheek place should push from next upgrade, can pull lift skin, opposing pore direction additionally, the effect can be a bit more apparent.

Forehead nose chin grease dirt slightly more, can high frequency; Low frequency on the cheek, lower around the eye. When you're done, wash your face, dry it, and then apply some essence or toner, even better.

The pure silicone head of the cleansing brush, which requires the hand to support the back, has a slightly softer touch than the one above.

China Kabuki Brush Supplier

Cleansing instrument

The outer packing is ok. The body is much thinner than other types of silica gel. One side has silica gel contact, while the top is slightly thicker. Wireless induction charging.

The outer packing is still delicate, relatively small, silica gel brush head, bottom contact is fine, for cleaning, close to the top is a relatively thick contact, for cleaning after the massage. The bottom indicator rotates according to the size of the gear, there are two modes: cleaning and soothing. Wireless induction charging.

The packaging is quite good, and the product design is very high. Only one side has silicone contact point, which is used in cleaning mode, and the bottom is metal surface, which is used for soothing mode. After turning on, long press the "on" key to enter the mode of constant temperature and hot compress. However, when I was testing, maybe because of the machine, I didn't feel the temperature of 40 degrees --45 degrees as advertised by them. It's got a big base, wireless induction charging.

In the use of electric cleansing brush, to cooperate with the cleansing milk.

In general, the bristle type is more comfortable than the silicone type. Brush head to the representative of Coleridge, silicone type, luna high reputation.

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