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How to use makeup brush for makeup tool?

Sep. 10, 2019

How to use makeup brush for makeup tool? Following the China Cosmetic Brush Supplier would like to share with us.

How to use the brush:

1. The foundation brush

Powdery bottom is brushed basically use depends on brush powdery bottom to use, because of powdery bottom, brush the powdery bottom that comes out because of powdery bottom, can compare thoroughly. No matter use finger or powdery puff, liquid of powdery bottom is unavoidably contaminated on finger, this is the main reason that a few people change to use liquid of powdery bottom to brush. Especially for girls with long nails, the foundation liquid is easily left in the nails when applying makeup, which makes them feel messy. And brush with pink bottom fluid do not have so worry.

2. The concealer brush

Concealer Makeup brush Supplier shares that this brush is used to apply cream to areas that need to be covered, such as spots, acne marks, or under the eyes. Many makeup artists like to use a concealer brush to perfect your look, which is a great base brush for your makeup case because it helps you create a lot of detail. Also, its shape is very versatile.

3. Powder paint

Scatterbrush is a cosmetic tool. Dip it in loose powder and brush it on the face with foundation, which is softer and more natural than powder puff. The advantage that USES loose stucco to fix makeup lies in, fix makeup effect is light and thin, make makeup face effect nature is not affected, and more economize the dosage of loose powder. Scattered paint in the use of time, you can gently touch powder powder, will be redundant floating powder filter out, gently in the face set makeup. Finally, paint the face with brush strokes from the top down.

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4. Cheek is red brush

Blush brush is to show the flat brush that is a bit smaller than honey stuccoon, brush bristle coping shows semicircle arrangement. A good blush brush can make rouge sweep easily and naturally. Dip the brush into the blush powder, shake off the excess powder dust and then makeup, color is not enough to slowly fill up. Can be used as honey paint or scattered paint.

5. Eye shadow brush

China Eye Shadow Blending Brush can make look line and eye week, the eye shadow below eyebrow part is full confluence, dizzy brush the administrative levels feeling that gives colorific. Moderate amount of hair, easy to control the use of powder makeup. Long handle design has excellent sense of stability, can easily show delicate lines, let the color spread naturally. It can also be used to create nasal shadows.

6. Lip brush

A cosmetic tool for applying lipstick. It can make the lip line clear and even. Lip brush choice should hold hard in wool qualitative rail concurrently, wool amount moderate had better. When choosing lip brush, should choose from brush wool. Use two fingers to hold the bristles on the front. When applying lipstick, be sure to start with your lower lip. In the lip line, apply a little from the inside out. After the lower lip is painted, apply the upper lip in the same way.

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