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How to clean and maintain makeup brush?

May. 29, 2019

Brush cleaning and maintenance:

Cosmetic Brush Supplier China shares that after use makeup brush set, such as the is to use cold water for daily cleaning, or with some gentle cleansing milk, or makeup brush special detergent cleaning brush head. If it is animal hair, or more delicate, you can use Johnson's baby shampoo, or soap is ok, because there will be a certain amount of oil, not easy to brush hair fry.

Cooperate with the brush tool will be more convenient, such as the brush pad, bigger, more brushes, this wash up is also very convenient, according to different brush, there will be different lines block division, will be more detailed. Beginner's words with the kind of two fingers on the kind of small can also wash eggs.

The Customized Makeup Brush Set China is basically circular way to clean, so will wash clean, but the action must be gentle, not too strong! If it is an animal hair brush, it will be different treatment, remember to use the usual direction of the brush you use to determine the direction of your brush, that is to say, the brush should be one-way before and after the way, not two-way (that is, do not come and go, to follow the hair flow, ensure a direction, so not easy to fry hair).

Cosmetic Brush Supplier China

Wash with the brush head down and the water running down. If the brush is washed upside down or with the entire brush in the water, you may think you're cleaning well, but the water is easily left where the bristles connect to the brush shaft, making the wooden handle more likely to crack.

After rinsing with water, use a cotton towel to wipe it down. On the one hand, make sure there is no makeup residue on the top, and on the other hand, it can absorb excess water and dry faster. But remember to brush in one direction of the bristles so they don't fry easily.

Finally, air dry. Just keep it in a cool, ventilated place, not in the sun. Can use airing to brush frame, after cleaning clean, brush bristle straightens, brush a head to be put vertically below cool and ventilated place blow dry, wait for it to do naturally. If it is some smudged brush or relatively loose brush, wash found a little Fried hair? It doesn't matter, put on the protective condom and it will be the same after drying.

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