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[Basic Eye Brush Set for sale]Tips to pick up makeup brush?

May. 24, 2019

Which one is better? Choose makeup brush tips, makeup brush may be in the new makeup artist's mind impression is not deep, but from a scum into the master or need a little help, makeup brush is makeup artist's standard with makeup tools, below Cosmetic Brush Supplier China would like to share the tips for how to pick up makeup brush.

First, pick brush type: see MAO feng

If the brush bristles are uneven, it will cause the makeup position deviation;

Not enough hair peak density will lead to makeup brush powder, easy to fall off slag, makeup is not clean;

If the brush hair peak texture is even, full brush hair, brush shape is round, such a brush feel good, plastic surgery clean, accurate range of color.

The 2nd, carry brush model: see a function

A good makeup brush is not only a tool, but also a good brush to help makeup artists.

Every brush is to differentiate a function according to makeup artist skill, brush a head shape to want utmost help makeup artist to solve a problem, if eye shadow drops dregs, powdery bottom unsatisfactory, eyeliner is not fluent wait.

Cosmetic Brush Supplier China

Third, see wool quality: see wool quantity

A good brush is not a kind of hair, different functions of the brush will choose different hair quality;

We can generally classify these bristles into two broad categories:

Natural bristles (animal hair) and artificial bristles (synthetic fiber). Good natural bristles are soft and smooth, compact and full in structure, and rich in wool.

Fourth, makeup comfort: convenience

The bristles of a good brush are comfortable and soft. The bristles are skin-friendly and make the makeup feel comfortable, like a breeze brushing the face, and can be used for multiple purposes to improve the convenience.

That's all for the sharing,and we Customized Makeup Brush Set for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

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