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What's the differences between makeup brush and beauty blender

Oct. 22, 2019

The appearance, use method, price and makeup feeling of beauty makeup blender and makeup brush are not the same, beauty makeup blender is a

round egg shape, makeup brush is a small brush with long handle, beauty makeup egg use method is simpler, makeup brush is relatively more difficult, but makeup brush on makeup is more convenient and natural.

customized powder foundation brush

Customized Powder Foundation Brush

That daily make-up seldom use brush on powdery bottom,and ordinary people usually choose to use beauty blender or CC .But professional makeup artist usually use makeup brush even customized powder foundation brush, because using a makeup brush need to master makeup skills and control hand strength. If the hand strength is a little heavier,there will be some brush marks leave on the face, making the makeup looks dirty.And the beauty makeup can not hold up for a long time.Beauty blender is more easier.Just wet it and spread the foundation on your face.

Makeup brush is generally applicable to more formal makeup, such as stage makeup, photo or mirror makeup, because makeup brush makeup is particularly delicate, can hide pores, let the skin natural bright.Although makeup beauty blender is also very good, but not as delicate as makeup brush.It is more suitable for daily makeup.


Because makeup brush is very professional, a set of makeup brush including many pieces different brushes,even can reach dozens of a set. And the quality requirements are more higher, so makeup brush price is a little expensive. Beauty makeup blender is more cheaper than makeup brush.


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