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How to Use Eyebrow Brush to Paint Eyebrows?

Feb. 19, 2019

In many cases beauty beauty often use makeup brush often fill the next outfit, especially eyebrow, with a good eyebrow brush such as Double End Eyebrow Brush to draw a pair of beautiful eyes, is to enhance the beauty of the weapon. So how to use makeup brush eyebrow brush such as Wooden Handle Makeup Brush thrush repair makeup?

Wooden Handle Makeup Brush

1. Brush with eyebrow go up with the eye shadow that is the closest with wool color, first preliminary draw gives ideal eyebrow.

2. With the eyebrow comb (and the kind of small comb), along the growth direction of the eyebrow comb along the eyebrow.

3. In the preliminary outline of the eyebrows, with the eyebrow pencil as if kind of eyebrows as one by one to draw eyebrows. Brush eyebrow uprightness, with brunet thrush end, go up thick next fine do not end to eyebrow nature.

4. With the spoolie brush, gently apply eye shadow from the brow to the end of the brow. If you want to make double eyebrow more have model, can draw a few black eyelash creams on eyebrow, add stereo feeling.

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