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Makeup brush science for beginners

Apr. 24, 2019

Makeup brush science for beginners

Double Side Makeup Brush Manufacturer shares that when it comes to makeup brushes, take a "family photo". Fairies can have a preliminary understanding of various types of brushes through this picture, and do not need to buy all the brush shapes in the picture (of course, please feel free to be tuhao), after all, except for professional makeup artists and senior beauty makeup bosses, there are not so many brushes used in daily life.

To the small fairy of entry-level of colour makeup, do not suggest to obtain makeup brush to cover a group, buy as far as possible. Because, be in commonly in a brush total meeting thick line a few chicken rib, to colour makeup green hand says, just got do not know every how should be used, as time passes also had to idle accumulate ash.

In general, the bristles of a makeup brush can be divided into natural and synthetic bristles.

Natural bristles:

It's essentially animal hair. It is the hair collected when the animal naturally sheds it.

                                                  Makeup brush science for beginners


Brush super soft, on the makeup experience is very good. Because animal hair comes with its own pores, it's easier to scratch and apply makeup more evenly. It is most suitable to be used with powder products, such as eyeshadow powder, powder powder, blush, etc. Can better dizzy catch powdery product, let makeup look be in harmony be an organic whole.


Because it's natural hair, the bristles are easier to shed over time, resulting in a shorter life. People who are allergic to animal hair should not use it. The price is usually more expensive. High requirements for brush cleaner, late to do more maintenance work.

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