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Eliminate Makeup Brush Blind Spots

Mar. 11, 2019

Many girls prefer to use the makeup powder on the foundation, but in fact, the Essentia Makeup Brush is chosen for different makeup products, and the effect of makeup will be more natural and lighter than the beauty makeup egg.

Give you a few tips for using makeup brushes.

Powder Foundation Brush

Powder Foundation Brush

Suitable for powder: a thin foundation, such as liquid foundation, gouache

Makeup: light and breathable

Advantages: The opacity is super touching, avoiding the beauty of the egg or the uneven area of the hand.

Disadvantages: After proficiency, the makeup will be a little slower and the brush marks will be obvious.

How to use: Flat-bottomed foundation brush can't hold too much foundation at one time. It is best to apply it quickly from the inside out, a small amount. After finishing the makeup, you can use the make-up egg to gently press the brush marks almost no more.

Although the softness of the man-made fiber is not as good as that of the animal hair,such as Bristles Hair Makeup Brush, the elasticity is much better. It will not cover the face at all, and the uneven skin tone will cover the seven or eight eight.

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