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How To Clean The New Makeup Brush When It Is First Used?

Mar. 15, 2019

How To Clean The New Makeup Brush When It Is First Used?

For novice makeup artists, for the purchase of makeup brush is a piece of white paper, for cleaning Kabuki Brush is a piece of white paper. New buy makeup brush is to need to wash again actually, this is to clean the bacterium on makeup brush above not only, although do not have bacterium to wash with the first time, also be the comfort on pair of mind. The makeup that just bought is brushed likely adherent have bacterium, microorganism to wait, the wool with clean hind clean brush ability changes a neat makeup look, if wool is brushed because of using cleaner and become too acerbity, can use a few protect hair element again, straighten slightly wool end, and should be cleaned with a large number of clear water likewise clean.

The first thing we need to know about makeup brushes is that they are also made of two materials, one is animal fur and the other is artificial fiber. These two different materials also have different cleaning methods, if the cleaning is not correct, it will lead to the life of the brush oh.

Essential Brush Set representative has: powdery bottom is brushed, lip is brushed.

Kabuki Brush

Here's the correct way to clean a makeup brush:

Rinse with warm water + lotion

1. Before cleaning, we fully soaked the makeup brush with warm water, and pay attention to the connection between the brush and the tube without water.

2. Pour the detergent into the palm of your hand and rub it into the foam. Let the brush fully absorb and rub in circles until the remaining powder is washed out. (you can also find a container to put the paint in and wash it. Be careful not to put too much water in it.)

3. Squeeze out the dirty water with your fingertips along the bristles until there are no traces of cosmetic residue.

4. Wipe the brush with a clean tissue paper to see if there are any traces of powder left, and repeat the above steps to clean it.

5. After squeezing out the water, use a clean tissue paper to absorb the water and then lay it on the paper to dry

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