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I'll show you how to register cosmetics

Apr. 20, 2019

I'll show you how to register cosmetics

Want to have their own cosmetics brand, but do not know what data should be prepared, card in the record here? Nothing, as long as you see the following cosmetics processing plant Essential Makeup Brush Manufacturer collection of content, you will know how to prepare for the record.

Cosmetic processing and filing procedures

I. login and registration

Log in the domestic non-special purpose cosmetics filing management system and register the enterprise account. The required materials include business license, health license, contact information, enterprise profile, application form with official seal, etc.

Ii. Waiting for approval

After the account is approved, the enterprise can file the record.

Iii. Submit relevant information

1. Log in the account and enter the product formula according to the requirements in the filing system.

2. Upload clear stereoscopic and plane photos of the product and instructions (do not upload without instructions)

3. Click submit and wait for review. If the filing is approved, the system will give a unique filing number to the product, and no paper version of the filing certificate will be issued. If the record is not approved, modify it according to the prompts and submit it again

Iv. Domestic commissioned products

For the products that are commissioned to be produced in China, the entrusting party may, upon completion of the record keeping, relate them to the actual production enterprise for record keeping through the record number.

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V. Inspection after filing

For the products that have been filed, the inspection shall be carried out according to the requirements within 3 months after the filing. The following information should be prepared:

(1) product formula (excluding contents, except restricted substances);

(2) product sales package (including product label and product manual);

(3) product risk assessment report;

(4) brief description of production process;

(5) product inspection report;

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