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Brief analysis for the steps of cosmetics(1)

May. 06, 2019

Brief analysis of the use of cosmetics steps:

Eye makeup brush set wholesaler shared that before making up, wash the face first, besmear moisturiser or emollient this one pace is very crucial, good emollient can lay a good foundation for making up process before besmear pink, when undertaking next step so, won't have dry skin on the face, and can make the skin looks glittering and translucent get rid of.

Step 1: apply foundation. A lot of girls skip this step when it comes to makeup, and it's really important. Step: the dot with bean grain size is on the face, daub is even ok. Be careful not to overdo it. The green and blue foundation has a good covering effect and is suitable for people with spots or other blemishes. Purple suits the skin with Oriental slant yellow quite. White is more suitable for transparent makeup.

Step 2: foundation. And the daub way that adorns powdery bottom is about the same. Step: more than one time more than the amount of powder evenly applied to the face. What should notice is eye ministry, the junction of hair and forehead also wants daub even. Otherwise people will see at a glance that you're wearing makeup.

Eye Shadow/ Liner/Brow Brush

Step 3: concealer or concealer. Only for people with facial imperfections. Step: gently apply a small brush around the defect. So foundation need not hit too thick also can cover spot, blain blain. Another use is to apply concealer between the eyebrows to the third of the nose and under the eyes. This can not only cover the dark circles under the eyes but also play a role in brightening.

Step 4: powder. You can use a Powder Foundation brush.And  if you have achieved the desired effect in the above three steps, you can skip the powder in the fourth step and apply powder directly to achieve the brightening effect. Step: gently pat the face with powder puff, pay attention to even powder, and pay attention to the bare part of the head to powder, look more spiritual, to achieve the effect of makeup.

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