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How to clean eye shadow brush?

Apr. 28, 2019

How to clean eye shadow brush

After the first wet eye shadow brush  with water, apply adequate amount of makeup brush pour dedicated cleaner on the makeup brush, then rub back and forth on the washing plate, until eye shadow brush brush back into the color, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, wash good makeup brush with a paper towel blot moisture suspension or pave on the clean towel in the shade to dry it.

Pour out the right amount of powder on the clean towel, the need to wash after the makeup brush back and forth in the above, wait for makeup brush dip in after take the powder evenly and then get the powder on the brush, and then slightly brush on a clean towel, until brush is the key to the other color, but this method can only be used once in a while, because they cannot have the effect of clean eye shadow brush.

Or prepare a piece of discharge makeup wet towel, put the brush on discharge makeup wet towel directly go up and down wipe, did not have on discharge makeup wet towel apparently colour makeup residue can. Reoccupy makes up brush arrange with the hand next, put in shady and cool place to air dry ok. This method is usually only used to dip in some dry powder of the eyeshadow brush, makeup remover wipes can be very good removal makeup brush on some powder products.

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