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Makeup Brush Supplier: Solving the Doubts of The Makeup Brush

Jan. 25, 2019

How to apply eye shadow will be more even.

In the upper Eye Shadow Brush, you need to use the front side (top) of the brush to straighten up the crease of the powder into the eyelids, so that the eye shadow can be easily and evenly applied to the eyelids.

How do you paint natural blush?

With the powder on the side of the flat surface loose powder, bronze powder and blush, can make the painted blush effect better and even and delicate. When the skin texture is deeper, use the front side (top) of the brush to sweep the powder over the face.

Soap can clean the makeup brush.

Soap can clean the makeup brush. Dip a piece of soap in the water, rub your dirty blush brush and foundation brush from the Powder Foundation Brush Supplier on the soap, and while rotating, you can clean the dirt. Then rinse the brush with warm water and then dry it with a piece of paper towel. It should be noted that the brush should not be dampened with water, otherwise the bristles of the brush may become loose and fall off.

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