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Eye Makeup That Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

Feb. 21, 2019

If you want to stand out from the crowd, your eye makeup can't be too simple. Good eye makeup makes you look different. Use a colorful eyeliner such as Flat Eyeliner Brush or eye shadow, a little special design and versatile features, so beautiful eye makeup by eye brush such as Pony Hair Eye Brush makes you stand out in the crowd!

Pony Hair Eye Brush

1. Select the lake green eyeliner, draw a line extending one centimeter outward on the upper side of the corner of the eye with a make-up brush, and fold back at the end of the line to form a triangle filled inside. A bit of cat's eye effect is not too exaggerated eyeliner, playful and cute.

2. Use a light green eyeliner with pearlescent pencil to draw the upper eyeliner along the bottom of the eyelid. The corners of the eyes are slightly extended by about 5 mm to modify the contours of the eyes, so that the eyes have a natural expansion effect.

3, not only in the upper eyeliner, the lower eyeliner is also very worthwhile. A bright pearly blue eyeliner is applied to the lower eyelid near the corner of the corner of the eye. The eyes are also "BlingBling".

4, a light lavender color eyeshadow instead of the outer eyeliner, also extended 5mm to modify the eyes. The purple color of lavender gives a gentle and feminine feeling, which is very suitable for the soft paper.

5, who said that the eyeliner will become a fierce look, choose the sky blue eyeliner to fill the lower eyeliner. The sky blue eyeliner has got rid of the dullness of the black and brown eyeliner, and it looks more refreshing and moving.

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