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A very practical for makeup brush which is invincible praise

Mar. 29, 2019

How do I choose and use a makeup brush to air my makeup bag

Fairies here I come again!

I have Shared with you how to choose the powder base color number. I believe you all have doubts about the makeup brush just like me, because there are too many kinds.

This is not a teaching post today, but I use it myself and feel that it is enough to have such a set of brushes. Everybody can patience finish see hope help you aye like baby point praise ~

1. Foundation brush!

Foundation brush is very, very many myself with down both take close to my heart  a flat foundation brush a tarte muf.

Muf of this type of pink brush I used on some thick powdery bottom, she can parallel ∥ foundation will not easy to have skin powder mark. She's actually a little bit of a powder puff touch but because it's a brush it doesn't take much powder and it covers it up a little bit better.

Compared with the brush of tarte, which needs vertical foundation, this brush is suitable for a lighter and lighter one, because her hair has a larger area of contact with her face and it is the hair head that makes it easier to get powder marks. But it will come out naturally

                                                  Foundation brush

2. Powder paint and cheek red brush

Powder paint actually everyone to look at the picture can know my cheek is red brush w is actually scattered because I have been looking for cheek is red brush painting is but all are not rare! But the last time a strange combination of circumstances took a torch on the blush paint really found a new world!

First scattered grasp powder painting ability very strong blush if not then use this brush color points minutes become monkey butt ha ha ha joking everybody needs. And this shape of brush Angle is very suitable for the upper blush, side sweep can sweep out the color of natural blush.

I also like this one very much. The size is very big and the coat is very good.

3.Highlights brush

The first torch I used to sweep the bridge of the nose and the brow

4.Fan shape for my cheekbones! Because want z glyph to sweep gao guang just to show color naturally!

silhouette brush my brush with the Angle of

5. Nose shadow brush behind.

The one on the left is a special nose shadow brush and the one on the right is actually a Picasso eyeshadow smudge brush and it's also good for nose shadow. But the hair is not as loose as the one on the left and I usually sweep the eye sockets to make the eyes look deep.

key come!

6.Eye shadow brush:

1. Eyelid primer brush: this one must be big! To big! To big! Large to smudge nature small painting will be a very ugly layer

2. Smudge brush: this one is also very important. Use a smudge brush to smudge natural eye makeup after each color so that the edges are not too clear and unnatural.

3.Small flare/large shadow brush: use one of these two eye shadow brushes to smudge your eyelids and eye sockets

4.A medium eye shadow brush: a medium eye shadow brush is more detail-oriented than a large eye shadow brush, but I really don't use it that often.

5.A small eyeshadow brush: a must-have. Processing detail: eye end draws the outline of, next eyelid is deepened or will draw eyeliner is very Chinese traditional medicine. This brush should be chosen low, with a tight coat. Too loose details will not handle in place, halo into a piece.

6. Eye brightening brush: this one is also a must for eye brightening and eye brightening effect.

7. Small details: this is a lot of girls are useless, in fact, with good really inseparable from the hand. It is used to smudge the tail of the eye and then outline the details of the tail again. Because she's very small and very good at handling the details. Can dip in bead light eye shadow to add in eye end make eye shadow looks more vivid.

8.This I call her: BlingBling brush

Because I beat the silkworm with her!!

This one is really used to dip in light brown paintings of horizontal silkworms and is delicate and natural.

I hope everyone can go to buy such a small brush painting horizontal silkworm! Draw eye big 10 turn!

So that's it. Did not say eyebrow to brush and eyeliner brush ha everybody chooses about the same.

Love you! After watching all give big kiss !

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