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Full set of cosmetic tools name introduction

Jun. 04, 2019

Full set of cosmetic tools name introduction shared by Makeup Brush Set Supplier China.

Toiletries kit name, makeup brush tool for classification is very much, for newcomers of their cognitive makeup tools is only the tip of the iceberg, can really use to so much makeup tools is makeup girl, but we can choose their suitable for new makeup makeup tools, cosmetic brush is essential and effect is good, recommend beginners know more about.

Common cosmetic tools:

Foundation brush China for makeup

Pink bottom is brushed on market cent is 3 kinds of types are flat, flathead, flat inclined pink bottom is brushed. Flat hair slightly pointed arc, the most common is the longest use, flat head powder brush best use in the eye circle and facial fine point. Flat head type hair, and is flat, high quality flat head powder base brush polymerization hair is concave, is the most light and thin effect. Slant hair is dense, with perfect balance of hair quality, density and length.

Makeup lip brush

The head of the brush is flat, and the bristles of the lip brush are made of the tail hair of the top yellow Wolf, which can draw the outline of the lips more accurately, making the lips more full and even in color and creating a more three-dimensional outline.

Makeup and blush brush

A good cheek is red brush can make double buccal pink is tender nature, full and fruity natural high grade tall ruler white point pure manual brush head is the best choice of relaxed and natural makeup look. Blush brush touch is soft and delicate, dip the brush head in to take right amount of blush powder after gently shake off more than powder makeup, three-dimensional small face instantly show.

Make-up paint

Honey stucco is more natural and downy than powdery puff effect, can stucco more even accept post, make makeup face colour more harmonious when fixing makeup. In the selection of honey paint should pay attention to the selection of natural high quality pure wool brush head, thick and plump hair is good, pure manual wool honey paint with excellent touch and strong power to catch powder, the shortest time to easily make exquisite makeup.

Fine makeup concealer brush

This brush is suitable for small range of touch up, concealer and make-up. The brush head is slender and slightly pointed, high quality Korean imported ultra-fine fiber wool is more flexible and elastic, fine concealer brush is specially designed for handling details.

Makeup brush set China

Short brush for makeup

The short-hair eyeshadow brush is mainly used for the shading of the base color of the eyes.

Paint brush for makeup

The brush head is oblate. Build stereo makeup look more prominent facial contour.

Makeup highlighter brush

Brush head for the unique bevel arc design, mostly used for highlighting, shadow makeup, to create three-dimensional features. Apply a white highlighter to the bridge of the nose to make it look taller and more solid. Chin sweep highlights powder can balance the center of gravity of the entire face, highlighting the overall three-dimensional sense.

Make-up paint

The brush head is fan-shaped, thick and flat, which is mainly used to sweep away excess powder on the face without affecting the makeup.

Make - up balanced brush

This brush hair is long and slightly diffused. The bristles are made of high quality light peak wool (the best kind of wool), which can be dyed back and forth in the concave position of the eyes, so that the makeup around the eyes can be naturally integrated and the eye shadow transition is even.

Makeup eyeliner brush

More eyeliner brush is suitable for liquid eyeliner, the brush head is fine, it should be made of high quality yellowwolf tail hair, the hair is delicate, soft and hard, suitable, easy to draw soft and natural eyeliner.

Grooming brush

Can be used to brush even blush, also can brush away excess makeup powder. The choice of brush must not be cheap, after all, every day to face close contact.

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