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Foundation brush tips

Sep. 25, 2019

Want to create a delicate makeup, in addition to mastering the makeup skills, but also have a powerful tool. Among the make-up tools, the first thing to do is the foundation brush. After all, the most important thing in the entire makeup is the base makeup, so the most worthwhile investment is the foundation brush! The foundation buff brush in China  will be faster than other makeup tools and the details will be better. However, the skin condition is very bad. If it is dry, it is not suitable for using the foundation brush!

Powder Foundation Brush


In the makeup of everyday life, we will use the foundation brush or the makeup sponge ball for the foundation makeup. Then we will talk about the use of the foundation brush and the little knowledge about the foundation brush today.

Foundation brushes are generally made of man-made fiber wool, because most of the foundation is moisture and grease, so the makeup brush is required to withstand moisture and grease, and can withstand cleaning, while artificial hair will be more affordable. However, since the bristles will be firmer and tighter, the touch will be slightly harder. Do not use too much force to avoid sensitive skin!

Foundation brushes generally have different materials and different shapes and sizes. Depending on the function of the area being painted, different classifications are produced. In general, foundation brushes can be divided into four shapes, flat head type, flat head type, round head type and comparative tilt head type. Of course, there are also more detailed classifications under these four categories, such as flat heads, round heads and irregular brush heads. For the novice, these four basic brushes are completely sufficient.

These four basic brush heads are also used in combination with liquid foundation and other makeup liquids for simple makeup work. At the same time, using the foundation brush to make the makeup work of the base makeup, you can make your skin look more translucent, without the extra thick feeling, so that your makeup effect is better, with a delicate feeling and texture, you can make yourself The makeup becomes more translucent, with eye makeup, lip makeup and other parts of the makeup, can make the whole person's temperament more radiant

Type of foundation brush

It can be roughly divided into four types: flat head, flat head, round head, oblique head, and of course, subdivided oblique flat head, oblique round head, irregular brush head and so on.

Usage of different types of foundation brushes

1. Flat head: Suitable for matching foundation with thin texture, such as liquid foundation and gouache.

When using a liquid foundation, place the foundation on the back of the hand, then use a foundation brush to pick a little and push it open on the face. Apply the face in the order from the inside out. Use a brush on the tiny parts such as the nose to stand up.

2. Round head: Suitable for foundations with a thick texture, such as foundation cream, foundation cream, BB.

Use a stucco to draw the foundation and apply it on the skin as if it were a small circle. Be careful to avoid the T position. When you are done, avoid the cheeks and apply only the liquid foundation in the center of the face, such as the forehead and nose. Be careful not to paint these positions in a circle, which will achieve a natural makeup effect.

3. Flat head: Suitable for foundations with a thick texture, such as foundation cream, BB.

Use a brush to draw a small amount of liquid foundation, and start to circle outward from the middle of the face and extend outward. If there is a special need for concealing, you can choose the first point of the brush. Then, move horizontally from the middle of the face to the outside until the liquid foundation is applied evenly.

Is it clear that the technique is correct, or how do you have a slight brush mark? After finishing the foundation, you can rub your hands and gently press the face. You can also use the beauty egg or sponge to press, which will make the foundation faster and the skin blend, which can effectively solve the brush marks~

The above can not be solved, it may be the problem of the brush itself, or does not match the foundation, you can only change the foundation or change the brush.

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