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Makeup Brush Supplier: Solve The Problem of Makeup Brushes

Feb. 10, 2019

Q: how to apply eye shadow?

When going up eye shadow from the Eyeshadow Brush Supplier, the front that needs to use a brush (coping) rise vertically pink sweep the crease of eyelid, such ability makes eye shadow is brushed easily even go up in eyelid.

Q: how to paint natural blush by Foundation Buff Brush?

Powder of the side flat face that USES a brush, gu tongfen and cheek are red, can let the cheek red effect that gives a picture more beautiful and even and exquisite. When the deeper texture of the skin encountered with the brush on the front (top) to gently sweep powder on the face.

Q: soap can clean a makeup brush without breaking it.

Soap cleans makeup brushes. Wet a bar of soap in water. Rub your dirty blush brush and foundation against the soap. Then rinse the brush with warm water and blot it dry with a piece of paper towel. Be careful not to let the brush stick get wet. This can cause the bristles to loosen and fall off.

Foundation Buff Brush

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