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How to Use Different Kinds of Makeup Brush?

Jan. 07, 2019

Makeup brush can be divided into many types according to their functions. There are foundation brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, and lip brushes. How do these makeup brushes work? In fact, the use of different makeup brushes is different.

Makeup Brush Set

How to use different kinds of makeup brushes:

(1) Traditional loose powder brush. When you take a little bit of powder, it spreads a little wider. When you put your face on it, it is not easy to put the powder on it very thick. There are two ways to do it: one is rolling, and the other is to sweep directly. If you roll it, you can press the powder thicker, the oil control ability will be stronger, and the light makeup will be thinner.

(2) Flat mouth makeup brush. It can be used as a loose powder brush or as a blush and highlight, because it is flat, so it can be used to match cakes, such as powder cakes, blush cakes, and glossy cakes. The powder should be brushed in the direction of the hair growth. If it is blushing, pat it directly on the face. If it is high, use the edge to gently sweep. Flat mouth makeup bristles are relatively sparse, and the makeup that comes out will be thinner than traditional makeup brushes.

(3) Beveled makeup brush. Generally used to slant blush, as well as when repairing capacity. Because of this oblique angle, you can make the color more line-like, and you can also get it in the arc.

(4) Flat head foundation brush (large). The most common and traditional foundation brush can be used to mix some things. If the acne marks and freckles are obvious, you can use the foundation brush to first apply the concealer, then take the liquid foundation and drag it back and forth in your hand. The liquid foundation and the concealer are basically mixed, and then the face is applied, so that the makeup bottom can improve the concealing degree and can be very close.

(5) Flat head Foundation Buff Brush (small). Usually used to put on some delicate places, such as the corners of the eyes and nose. It can also be used to apply high gloss and shadow on the paste.

(6) Round head foundation brush. The flat-bottomed foundation brush does not require skill and is not prone to drag marks. If the skin is good, you can use this brush to brush out a thin and affixed finish. However, it is not recommended for girls whose skin surface is not smooth enough.

(7) Concealer brush. Use a brush to apply the concealer, and then print a large area on the enamel range. The concealer should be 2 to 3 times the range of the enamel itself, and then conceal the edge of the enamel to dilute the border.

(8) Flat Eye Shadow Makeup Brush. Mainly used for a wide range of eye shadows, the main color eye shadow. The technique is to print, and to sweep slightly.

(9) Conical eye shadow brush. Can be used to do the effect of blooming, remove the boundary feeling of the eye shadow, the effect of the initial natural transition. The shape of the brush head is pointed, and it is also suitable for some delicate places, such as deepening the color in the eye socket and the end of the eye.

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