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Which brand is better? Teach You How To Choose Essential Makeup Brush

Mar. 22, 2019

Choose to make up brush the qualitative characteristic that we know to make up brush above all, make up brush cent man-made hair and animal hair, of fiber wool on the price cheaper, of animal hair more expensive, but the view that does not have which kind of wool better, good not good see utility and craft entirely. Artificial hair is made of two kinds of fiber and nylon. The animal hair is made of wool, squirrel hair, pony hair, raccoon hair, yellow Wolf tail hair, pahmi hair and so on. Below is everybody detailed popular science.

Goat Hair Makeup Brush

Makeup brush category:

Press the texture of bristle: cent is natural animal bristle, man-made fiber bristle. This is not to say that animal hair is necessarily better than fibril, but it depends on the application of your brush. For example, a foundation brush is more suitable for fibril, while many eye shadow brushes are more suitable for animal hair. Such as Goat Hair Makeup Brush.Animal hair has very much again, common have wool, small horse hair, grey rat hair, yellow Wolf tail hair to wait.

Brush USES:

Basic Face Brush Set: mainly including powder brush, powder brush, blush brush, brush, etc. Eye lip is brushed: basically include eyebrow to brush, eye shadow to brush, nose shadow to brush, lip to brush, eye shadow is brushed have a lot of kinds again, because when drawing eye shadow, want to divide a lot of levels, still can divide into so spread lubricious brush, detail so dizzy catch brush, dizzy catch brush.

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