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Makeup Brush Manufacturer: What skills do You Need to Pay

Jan. 15, 2019

Newcomers need to pay attention to the following tips when buying a Makeup Blender Brush:

(1) Novices should not buy a set of brushes, try to buy a single. In general, there will be a few chicken ribs in the brush set. The newbie will be forced to get it. I don’t know the purpose of each one. Over time, I will be idle.

Many brushes are multi-purpose brushes, Powder Foundation Brush can be used to loosen powder, blush and repair capacity can also be done with the same brush, and do not need a radish pit, a brush to buy the most sensible.

(2) The makeup brush is not as soft as possible, and it is not as strong as the powder. For example, the eyebrow brush must be hard to color, and the blush brush needs to be weak in brushing to not be brushed into a monkey ass.

(3) Regarding the choice of brush brand, the daughters preferred Zhubaotang and Baifengtang, both of which are representatives of Japanese top-level brushing process, but they are conservative in the brush type, and nothing new.

(4) Between the normal version and the portable version, the portable version is preferred. Both use the same materials and processes, but the price of the portable version is much more affordable.

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