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Common Makeup Brush Materials And Their Differences

Feb. 04, 2019

(1) Natural Filament Cosmetic Brushes: essentially animal hair. It is hair collected when the animal is naturally shed.


The bristles are super soft and enjoy the makeup experience.

Because the animal hair has its own pores, it is easier to catch powder and more evenly apply makeup.

It is most suitable for use with powdery products, such as eye shadow powder, loose powder, blush repair capacity and so on.

It can better smudge powdery products and blend makeup.


Because it is a natural hair, it is easier to fall off with a long bristles, so the life is shorter.

People who are allergic to animal hair cannot use it.

Prices are generally more expensive.

There is a high demand for brush cleaners, and more maintenance work is required later.

(2) Synthetic Hair Makeup Brush: It is usually made of man-made materials such as polyester fiber and nylon nylon.


cheap price. A good artificial hair brush will cost a lot.

It can be used by everyone, including people with allergens of animal hair.

Because it does not have pores and does not absorb too much product, it is most suitable for use with liquids and pastes, such as liquid foundation, concealer, lipstick and so on.

Awesome work.

Longer life, the bristles are not easy to fall off, easier to clean, and less maintenance work later.


For some people, the bristles are not soft enough, and they may feel the skin.

The effect of the powdered product is not as good as natural hair.

The blooming effect is not very good.

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