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[Makeup brush for sale China]Cleaning and maintenance of makeup brushes

May. 15, 2019

Cleaning and maintenance of makeup brushes by makeup brush wholesaler China.

The brushes are usually washed daily with cold water, a mild cleanser, or a special detergent for the brushes. If it is animal hair, or relatively delicate, you can use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, or soap is also ok, because there will be a certain amount of grease, it is not easy to let the brush hair Fried hair.

For cleaning makeup brush set for sale.It will be more convenient to cooperate with the washing tools, such as the washing pad, which is larger and has more brushes. This is also very convenient to wash. For different brushes, there will be different lines and the division of the block will be more detailed. If you're a beginner, you can use one of those little two-finger covers, or you can use the egg wash.

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Brush basically is the way that makes a circle will clean, such ability can wash quite clean, but the action must be gentle, do not want too strong! If it is the brush of animal hair, will be treated differently, remember to use the direction that you use the brush at ordinary times to decide the direction that you wash the brush son, that is to say to fix a volume brush to want to use one-way before and after way, do not bidirectional (do not come and go namely, want to follow wool to flow, make sure a direction, such ability not easy Fried hair).

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