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Tianxiang Makeup Brush Set Supplier: What Cosmetics Do You Need to Paint Nude Makeup?

Jan. 30, 2019

What kind of cosmetics are needed for painting nude makeup is not clear to many newcomers. Here we explain to you which cosmetics are suitable for nude makeup and which are not suitable, such as the use of the Makeup Brush Set and soon on:

Lotion - need to use, easy to wear makeup, and hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Foundation - It is recommended not to use the foundation for a long time, which will increase the burden on the skin and hinder the skin from breathing. Especially when it is not cleaned, the dusty foundation will make the skin dark yellow.

Rough eyelash curler, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner - need to use, create more prominent eyes, to achieve the finishing touch, you can choose the color according to your skin color, clothing, body and so on.

Eyebrow Brush - not recommended, it is easy to give people a feeling of heavy makeup after painting the eyebrows.

Lip Gloss - Need to use, suitable lip gloss can make the facial features more prominent, make the lips look shiny, full and full.

Blush - recommended, Oriental people's face is flat, and the skin is yellow, appropriate blushing, can increase the three-dimensionality of the face, can also create a rosy and healthy facial feeling, but also can form a visual impact .

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