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What Is The Use of Makeup Brush?

Jan. 20, 2019

Make-up brushes from Cosmetic Brush Factory can be seen everywhere in life, especially in the girls' room. The Makeup Brush Set areabsolutely indispensable. So what is the use of makeup? Follow the makeup brush manufacturers to discuss it.

We use cosmetics in our daily life. The makeup is mainly to highlight the beauty of the five senses. There are two kinds of beauty of makeup decoration, one is the beauty that tends to nature, and the other is the beauty of beauty. Make-up is through a certain artistic treatment, in order to achieve the purpose of beautifying the image.

The elliptical face should maintain a natural shape when applying makeup. Rouge should be applied to the highest part of the cheekbone and then outward. Lipstick, in addition to the lip lip shape defects, try to apply the natural lip shape. The eyebrows can be curved along the contour of the eye. The brow should be at the same angle as the inner corner of the eye. The eyebrows can be slightly longer than the outer corner of the eye.

If you are a long face, wipe it outwards and upwards along the curve of the highest part of the cheekbones and under the temple. Foundation, if the cheeks are sunken or the forehead is narrow, apply a light-toned foundation on the cheeks and forehead, causing light and shadow to make it full. Eyebrows should be curved in the correction, and must not be angular. The position of the eyebrows should not be too high, and the tail of the eyebrows should not be high.

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