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The Maintenance of The Make-Up Brush

Jan. 08, 2019

Make-up brushes from the Makeup Brush Supplier are usually expensive, so pay attention to the maintenance.

After each use, always use a paper towel to gently wipe the brush in the direction of the brush to remove residual color and makeup powder. Soak in shampoo diluted warm water every two weeks, then rinse with cold water. Finish the bristles and lay them flat so that they dry naturally.

Simple 7-step cleaning of makeup brushes such as the Powder Face Makeup Brush, brushes like our hair, need to be well treated to stay supple and beautiful. A clean brush can make a neat look, and the dirty brush can not only make a beautiful makeup, but also make the makeup greatly reduced.

Different brushes such as the Eye Blender Brush have different cleaning frequency due to different uses and materials. Here is a simple method of discriminating: the higher the oil content, the more frequently the cosmetics will be used. Because the oil residue is easy to adhere to dirt and grow bacteria, the brush is more and more dirty and harmful to the skin, so it is harder to clean.


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