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How To Wash Makeup Brush Care?

Apr. 08, 2019

How To Wash Makeup Brush Care?

How to wash makeup brush care? If a good brush is not well cared for it is not only a pity but also a waste of money. Therefore, makeup brush cleaning and care is also a very important lesson. Let's start with brush cleaning,shared by Makeup Brush Wholesaler.


Some brushes don't need to be cleaned every time they are used, such as shadow brushes and blush brushes, but like foundation brushes, eye shadow brushes and lip brushes, they need to be cleaned every time they are used.

Method 1: with Makeup Brush special cleaning agent

Do not have a lot of special make up to brush cleaner to sell on market now, buy a bottle to be able to solve easily directly. There are two kinds of makeup brushes and cleansers I use, both of which feel good. I recommend them to you. One is dachang cleaning agent (figure 1 below), and the other is UKISS ucas cleaning agent (figure 2 below).

How to clean it?

You can use basin or cup, or the cleaning mat that sells on market, will clean.

If you use basin or cup kind of things, you can first put the brush immersed in water, and then pick up, and then add a drop of water to the container, and a small amount of cleaning agent, put the brush into stir two times, basic can be cleaned, and finally use water to flush.

If it is to use the cleaning pad, is also the first brush wet, and then pour some cleaning agent on the brush, and then to the cleaning pad according to the direction of brush hair rub a few times, you can wash very clean.

Single Powder BrushHow To Wash Makeup Brush Care?

If you don't have any tools, don't worry, your hand is a great tool. This method is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Makeup Brush with cleaning agent, five fingers together, add some water, and then the makeup brush to brush the direction of the hair on the finger rub, almost clean time with water rinse clean, very simple!

Powder Face Makeup Brush

Method 2: wash the box with makeup brush

This is the new method that I just discover recently, buy a clean box directly, use make up to brush to rub a few times directly above sponge, remove powder OK, water cost was saved, true thief is convenient.

Method 3: spray with a makeup brush

In addition to the above said cleaning box, there is another method is also very convenient, yes, is to use makeup brush cleaning spray ~ this method of use should not say more.

A lot of cosmetic shop some sell, also have on the net, everybody is independent choose and buy, there is nothing much to say here. General cleaning directly dry on the line, there is no need to clean with water.

Method 4: wash with powder

Isn't that weird? At the beginning I also feel very magical, incredibly powder also can clean brush. After using the brush every time, spread paper towel on the table, spread powder on the paper towel, then brush the makeup brush along the direction of the hair, remove the powder. Be sure to gently brush until the color runs out on a clean paper towel.

Makeup brush care

Makeup brushes are generally delicate. Wash makeup to brush commonly, with clean towel or paper towel follow the direction that brush wool, blot redundant moisture.

It can then be dried on a drying rack. This kind of shelf some treasures above a lot of personal feel very practical and convenient.

If the bristles are loose, you can hang them on a wire brush to dry.

You can also use a small tool like a rubber band to hold the brush upside down on the rail and let it hang to dry.

Some brushes are not used for a short time after drying and can be covered with a brush net, or they can be fixed with wuli girls' small hairpin to avoid hairbrush variation. Then put it back into the brush tube or makeup brush bag.

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