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What harm does the makeup brush cause if it is not cleaned for a long time?

Aug. 06, 2019

What harm does the makeup brush cause if it is not cleaned for a long time? Shared by Bristles Makeup brush Factory.

Does makeup brush do not wash for a long time what harm can you cause? As people become more and more dependent on cosmetics, makeup has become an essential part of People's Daily life. There are also many beginners who don't know how to use makeup brushes, don't know how to clean makeup brushes, and simply don't wash them. But do you know what harm does not clean makeup brushes cause?

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The harm that does not clean makeup brush to the skin to cause:

1. We need so many brushes to put on a delicate makeup. If we don't wash the makeup brush for a long time, it will cause acne allergy on our face. Especially the foundation brush and wet brush, if not timely cleaning, bristles of bacteria will cause great damage to fragile skin.

Cleaning method: cleaning brush must not be rough! Rubbing back and forth, drying with a hair dryer, etc., is a big mistake and will only make your brush "bloom" and never recover. Brush is not to use dirty impact before cleaning, like foundation brush, eyeliner brush and other wet brush, it is very easy to produce bacteria damage to the skin, at most ten days will be cleaned, blush brush, powder paint and other dry brush, two to three months can be cleaned once.

2, long time not to clean brushes because when wiping the skin makeup brush will stick on the skin grease, after repeated use of cosmetics can happen qualitative change occurs, then don't use the cosmetics, and makeup brush using a long time not to clean will also have a lot of cosmetic residue, secondary when used to control the bad makeup effect.

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