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What hair is better for makeup brushes?

Apr. 04, 2019

What hair is better for makeup brushes? We can divide the hair of Makeup Brushes into two types, one is artificial brush hair, and the other is animal hair. Among animal hair, badger hair, horsetail hair, goathair, sable hair and squirrel hair are superior makeup brushes, which are also relatively expensive. Artificial fiber wool and nylon wool is different, because the effect is good cost-effective reasons are also loved by people, if it is according to the quality and effect of animal hair is better, the most important thing is to see what cosmetics are used: such as foundation, powder powder and other animal hair natural barb catch powder more uniform.

Sable: the best of bristles, soft and medium in texture.

Horse hair: harder texture than goat hair, used as a eyeshadow brush;

Goat hair: the most common bristles, soft and durable;

Squirrel hair: cheaper and softer than sable.

Artificial fiber: harder than the animal hair above, suitable for texture thick cream makeup. And if it is a man-made fiber, there are a lot of options, as far as possible to choose high-quality fiber wool, high-quality fiber wool can be made smooth and fine texture, excellent touch.

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Nylon: the texture of the hardest, most used as an eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

In all makeup brushes, the order of the precious degree of hair is sable hair, squirrel hair (including Canadian squirrel hair, gray rat hair, blue belly rat hair, etc.), horse hair, wool, fiber hair, there is no such thing as good or bad, depending on what kind of makeup you need:

1, the natural soft makeup look, if you like or your skin is allergic fragile skin, so would be a good choose soft bristles, squirrel, MAO is the first choice to second best little horse hair is good also, because the brush is soft, elasticity is poorer, stop, ability are relatively weak, so every time take powder are not many, color easy to hold, to brush her face every time a small amount of, can achieve very natural shading effect.

2, if you need a strong and bright color makeup, and makeup technology can also be used, you can choose a slightly hard blush brush, the blush brush powder, accurate color range, on the makeup quickly, on the blusher position and shape of the technique to grasp the higher requirements, you can choose the texture of coarse smooth wool. Nylon fiber brush quality is also good, fiber brush is characterized by easy maintenance, bristle softness and elasticity are moderate.

3, as for the light front, fine light front brush hair is a little softer, not a lot of difference, also is wool. Of course, there are also some brands of large eyeshadow brushes that can be used as a local blush brush. Currently, small blush brushes are also popular in South Korea, because they are more accurate and may be the trend of the future.

About the makeup brush what hair better content here, personal advice, if you are a novice, or can buy a gray mouse hair brush, many imitation and off-brand also occasionally have gray mouse hair quality, the price is also acceptable. However, we should pay attention to the choice of makeup brush, choose a regular brand or manufacturers to avoid brush quality problems there is no place to solve, leading to rights difficult, if you do not know how to choose a makeup brush can contact us for your guidance.

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