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How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush?

Jul. 18, 2019

How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush?

How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush?  Powder Face Makeup Brush manufacturer shares that makeup brush vendors can be said to be all over the nebula, everywhere can be seen to buy cosmetics, makeup brush shops, and the quality of it is also the naked eye is not clear, if you accidentally buy inferior makeup brush products, will cause damage to the skin. Therefore, how to identify good or bad when buying makeup brushes has become a big problem in many people's minds. Below small make up how to choose when we are buying makeup brush to explain for everybody.

Make up brush the most important part that is to brush bristle, accordingly the stand or fall of a make up brush, core is to brush bristle, brush bristle good, general make up brush is better. How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush? , we should start from the following aspects:

1, compatibility and utilization rate of cosmetic brush and jacket

Makeup brush in the makeup, in the use of cosmetics, can be a good adsorption of cosmetics to the makeup brush, and in the makeup on the face, cosmetics can be very good adhere to the skin, and the higher the utilization rate, the better. And the top is, makeup is smooth without horizontal lines.

Powder Face Makeup Brush manufacturer

2, easy to clean the makeup brush

Easy cleaning of makeup brush is very important, that is, after the use of makeup brush, cleaning and maintenance are relatively easy, if the makeup brush is too difficult to clean it is recommended to buy carefully, if not often cleaning makeup brush is easy to cause bacteria breeding and other reactions.

3, makeup brush hair quality

The hair part of the makeup brush is the soul of the makeup brush. Makeup bristles are classified into chemical fibers and animal hair. But no matter which kind, the stand or fall of wool basically still is from flexibility, softness, close skin sex and whether to the skin have damage to wait for a few respects judgement.

How to discern makeup brush stand or fall?

How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush? Many people do not know how to choose a makeup brush. The selection of makeup brush is no more effective than the selection of cosmetics. As long as the people with experience in using makeup brushes, they will have some selection skills.

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