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How to use a makeup brush? The purpose of 14 makeup brushes(part 1)

Apr. 16, 2019

How to use a makeup brush? The purpose of 14 makeup brushes(part 1)

How to use a makeup brush? Makeup brushes, according to different functions are divided into many kinds, in fact, different makeup brushes are used differently. Today, let's get to know the functions of various makeup brushes, and explain the correct usage and use of 14 makeup brushes. Makeup brush is most of the girls necessary makeup tools, knowledge stick you try to collect oh.

How do I use a makeup brush?

1. The Powder Face Makeup Brush

Scatter stucco, Powder Face Makeup Brush is used to decide makeup, specific operation method is, dip in take a few powder, even undertake deciding makeup to the face, eliminate redundant powder. Nasal fossa, corner of the eye these not easy to brush to the place, can use honey powder puff to carry on the fine makeup.

This kind of loose stuccoing is already "rotten big ramble", every girl that make up in the home has necessary hemisphere shape loose stuccoing, the gimmicks on have two kinds, one kind is to roll, one kind is to sweep directly go up. Rolling powder can be pressed more solid, oil control ability will be stronger, gently sweep makeup feeling will be thinner.

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2. Flat mouth makeup brush

Flat mouth makeup brush can also be used as a powder brush, flat mouth makeup brush is a few years popular, good skin MM can use this to powder, the flat mouth makeup brush out of the makeup feeling will be thinner than the traditional makeup brush, because its hair is thin. You can use it for things like face powder, blush and high gloss.

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