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Makeup Brush Supplier: How to Create A Beautiful Blush

Dec. 08, 2018

When we are using blush, of course Professional Makeup Brush is indispensable. Next, we use a large blush brush to dip the right amount of meat pink blush. When dipping the brush, we make the brush look like a pen, which will reduce the powder. Then we apply it to both sides of the cheeks in large areas to add a touch of red powder to the pale, clear skin to enhance your complexion.

Then we need to use another Foundation Buff Brush, this time round and heart-shaped, with a slightly darker shade of pink. Then apply it to the big c area, which runs from the laughing muscles to the ears, but not above the cheekbones. We are like to draw arc to rise gently like that paint, the makeup look that lets facial ministry looks richer administrative levels feeling.

After that, we need to use the large round head painting to fix the appearance. Dip in the right amount of dark blush, apply in the back of the cheek proud flesh position, when the brush will be painted brush head rotation to apply will make the makeup effect more natural oh. Pass afore-mentioned operation, can make by deep turn light gradually gradually administrative levels feels.

The final step to a good blush for fresh makeup: dip a large brush into a peachy-pink blush with a little sparkle, apply it to your apple muscles, and then give it two gentle plops to get you back on your feet and a good complexion. Brighten your cheeks and sweeten your smile.

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