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How to Use The Blush Brush?

Feb. 07, 2019

Nowadays more and more people are making up, but how many are there? Now let us know how to use the Powder Foundation Brush for everyone?

Point 1: Combine the contrast between the face and the light and dark, so that the face is more three-dimensional. The lack of light and shade will make the face more flat. The oriental women who are not full of three-dimensional features need to pay special attention to this principle. Be sure to use the blush and repair capacity. Make the face's three-dimensionality.

Two-tone Powder Face Makeup Brush

Point 2: Make good use of two-color blush to create the most natural makeup. Although the color blush can create a sense of color, it is more blunt and rigid. If you can match different blushing, not only the makeup can be natural. The color of the color, blush can also be more vivid.

Blush brush

Point 3: The best matching tool for the upper blush is the fan-shaped brush. Because the fan-shaped brush will show a circular arc due to the force when it is brushed, this curvature is the most beautiful blush, so it is the blush. The best aids.

How to fight Single Foundation Buff Brush

Point 4: In order to prevent the hand from being overweight, it is best to apply the most horrible blush on the back of the hand, which is the makeup of the actor and the red color. This overuse error is for many beginners. The most common mistake, if you can not properly pinch the amount of powder, you may wish to hit the back of the hand, just in case.

Powder Foundation Brush

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