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Is it necessary to buy expensive makeup brushes?

Jul. 30, 2019

Is it necessary to buy expensive makeup brushes? If you are a professional makeup artist, better buy expensive, expensive, have the advantage of expensive, generally high-end animal hair is very expensive. And artificial fiber hair is much cheaper, for novice makeup expensive and not expensive in their own mind, if the novice buy makeup brush recommend to buy cheap or medium makeup brush, can buy expensive makeup brush after use.

Advantages of animals:

Goat hair makeup brush:

The advantage is: the commonest and commonest material commitment, giddy hold good, hold pink force good, eye shadow is chromatic or not.

Disadvantages: can have a few pieces of sheep board taste, and wool with a lower file brush no wool peak, wool quality is thicker, touch is more veneer people.

Goat hair makeup brush

Animal hair brush:

Advantage: tongue brush head can quickly and smoothly apply foundation, making foundation more suitable for skin, smooth and smooth, with thin and transparent makeup feeling, and can give full play to the effect of foundation;

Its characteristics: cat tongue brush, large area application; The powerful tip design conveys precise strength and can be easily applied to the nose, corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth and other areas. It saves on foundation more effectively than a powder puff or finger.

Advantages of synthetic hair Makeup brush:

Synthetic brush has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: better for sensitive muscles, no smell of animal hair, no fear of water and grease, also more washable, also won't deformation, so the main pink bottom brushed, look at the line brush, lip brush is artificial fiber wool.

The drawback is: dizziness holds a force commonly, eye shadow is not easy dizzy, and brush is more difficult, can have the case of stab face.

Is it necessary to buy expensive makeup brushes? The content here, make up brush is very expensive actually and not expensive in brand consciousness, have a lot of foreign make up brush very expensive, but quality and domestic medium price are almost identical, buy make up brush to be able to choose a condition according to oneself economy, not make up brush more expensive better.

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